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The Daily Belli watch: 17 days to the Cubs Spring Training opener, part 2

The Cubs will be playing baseball two weeks from Friday.

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MESA, Arizona — First, yesterday’s entry in this series had a wrong countdown. TODAY is 17 days until the Cubs’ Spring Training opener February 23 against the White Sox at Sloan Park. Apologies for the confusion.

I had gone to Sloan Monday with the intention of seeing the unloading of the equipment truck. Unfortunately, I arrived about an hour late and it had already been done:

I did see one thing at Sloan Park that I found interesting. For those of you who haven’t been to the Cubs’ home in Mesa, the player portraits you see below are on buildings on the first base/right field side of Sloan Park. The team has these ready to go for 2024:

Al Yellon
Al Yellon

In past years these buildings have always, ALWAYS had five player photos on each. This time there are only four. I would assume one of the currently generic sport is reserved for Shōta Imanaga, whenever they can get an action photo of him in a Cubs uniform.

Could the other be waiting for a Cody Bellinger signing?

Today’s waiting song is from the Rolling Stones.


Is one of the generic poster spots at Sloan Park being held out for a photo of Cody Bellinger?

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