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Al Yellon is a native Chicagoan who has been following Chicago sports since the 1960's. That means he's seen a lot of losing -- but finally enjoyed the ultimate triumph, the Cubs World Series title in 2016. He left Chicago to go east for college at Colgate University, then returned and worked for 29 years as a television director for Chicago TV stations before joining SB Nation full time as a senior editor.

Cubs historical sleuthing: A random event at Dodger Stadium

It’s just a throw to first. But it was easy to find out when.

Tom Ricketts gives Jed Hoyer a ‘green light’ to spend

Hopefully this will result in improvement for the Cubs, beginning this week.

Cubs historical sleuthing: A rare Joe Girardi error

This one was pretty easy, given some key clues.

A preliminary estimate of the Cubs payroll and luxury tax for 2023

Heading into what’s likely to be a busy week at the Winter Meetings, let’s see where the team stands.

Fred McGriff elected to the Hall of Fame

The longtime first baseman played two years with the Cubs.

Cubs historical sleuthing: Ernie Banks in Anaheim

Wait, what?

What would it take for the Cubs to get Bryan Reynolds from the Pirates?

The Bucs center fielder has asked to be traded.

Cubs historical sleuthing: Damon Berryhill edition

The Cubs catcher is making a play at the plate. But when? And what happened on that play?

Astros claim Rylan Bannon on waivers from Cubs

See ya, Rylan. We hardly knew ye.

Cubs historical sleuthing: Greg Maddux on the basepaths edition

Just when did the Cubs righthander make this baserunning play?