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Al Yellon is a native Chicagoan who has been following Chicago sports since the 1960's. That means he's seen a lot of losing -- but finally enjoyed the ultimate triumph, the Cubs World Series title in 2016. He left Chicago to go east for college at Colgate University, then returned and worked for 29 years as a television director for Chicago TV stations before joining SB Nation full time as a senior editor.

Cubs historical sleuthing: Ron Santo edition

This one’s been narrowed down. Probably.

Cubs historical sleuthing: Tyler Houston edition

Let’s remember a guy!

A look at Cubs trades in the expansion era: 1994

It was a quiet trade year, largely because of the labor dispute.

Cubs free agent target: Brent Suter

There are a number of reasons for the Cubs to look at this lefthander.

Cubs free agent target: Yuki Matsui

Could the Cubs find bullpen help from NPB?

A look at Cubs trades in the expansion era: 1993

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Should the Cubs trade Christopher Morel?

There are a lot of factors involved.

Ryan Flaherty is going to be named Cubs bench coach

He’s a former Cubs draft pick.

A look at Cubs trades in the expansion era: 1992

One VERY important deal was made in this calendar year.

Andre Dawson wants his Hall of Fame plaque changed to a Cubs cap — and the Hall is listening

Give the man what he wants.