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Al Yellon is a native Chicagoan who has been following Chicago sports since the 1960's. That means he's seen a lot of losing -- but finally enjoyed the ultimate triumph, the Cubs World Series title in 2016. He left Chicago to go east for college at Colgate University, then returned and worked for 29 years as a television director for Chicago TV stations before joining SB Nation full time as a senior editor.

Cubs historical sleuthing: Bump Wills edition

Let’s remember a guy!

Ken Rosenthal goes off on Rob Manfred and the owners over the MLB lockout

The longtime baseball journalist uses his newfound editorial freedom for good.

Wrigley Field historical sleuthing: Old scoreboard edition

This is a really good view of the iconic Wrigley board.

In praise of Marcus Stroman

He hasn’t yet thrown a pitch for the Cubs, but he should become a popular fan favorite when he does.

Baseball history unpacked, January 19

A thrice-weekly look at #Cubs, #MLB, and #MiLB history.

Cubs historical sleuthing: Bill Buckner and Tim Raines edition

You might think a random throw to first base is unsleuthable. But you’d be wrong.

Here’s why the owners’ lockout puts MLB’s future in peril

It’s because of how loyalty in baseball — and sports in general — is created.

Cubs historical sleuthing: Gary Carter edition

This future Hall of Famer was involved in a close play at the plate at Wrigley. But when?

The state of the Cubs and MLB in 2022

You make the call.

The Cubs’ road uniforms had centered numbers in 1972. Here’s why

It’s something unique in Cubs — and MLB — history.