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Wrigley Field historical sleuthing: 1916-22 edition

Here’s a sign you might never have seen before. And, a few more words about how much of original Wrigley Field remains.

SABR Chicago gives 19th Century star Ed Williamson a deserved remembrance

More than a century after his passing, Williamson now has a proper grave marker.

There’s a replica scorecard of the 26-23 game on display at Wrigley. Here’s how it was created

The highest-scoring game in MLB history is commemorated in a display in the Wrigley Field bleachers.

The 20 greatest home runs in Cubs history, No. 1: Gabby Hartnett, September 28, 1938

Its luster has not faded, more than 80 years later.

The 20 greatest home runs in Cubs history, No. 4: Joe Tinker, September 23, 1908

Without this home run, the Cubs’ World Series drought would have been a year longer.

The 20 greatest home runs in Cubs history, No. 13: Kiki Cuyler, August 31, 1932

This one has been nearly forgotten in the 88 years since it thrilled Cubs fans.

Today in Cubs history: Glenallen Hill hits a home run to a Waveland rooftop

Just how far did that home run go? Here are the facts.

A Wrigley Field-area landmark has a different look these days

This is the oldest building in the neighborhood.

A visit to all the Cubs-related gravesites at Graceland Cemetery

These are all located within a mile or so of Wrigley Field.

At last, Ernie Banks has a monument worthy of a Hall of Famer

Mr. Cub’s permanent gravestone was dedicated last week.