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Book reviews

Book review: The Bill James Handbook Walk-off Edition

It’s had a run of more than three decades.

Book review: ‘The Franchise: Chicago Cubs’

There have been a lot of histories written about the Cubs. This one’s breezy and fun.

2023 Bill James Handbook Cubs projections

And, a review of this baseball annual.

2022 Bill James Handbook Cubs projections

... as well as some other players you’ll be interested in.

Book review: ‘The Called Shot’

There are a lot of great stories in this book.

Book review: ‘Hall of Name’

This is a fun and detailed look at baseball names.

2021 Bill James Handbook Cubs projections

You’re not going to like these projections — but you will like the book!

Book review: ‘Wrigley Field, The Friendly Confines at Clark and Addison’

This book can help you fill the long winter days with baseball!

Three baseball books worth reading this summer

Summer’s a good time for reading, and here’s an eclectic choice of baseball reading for you.

Book review: ‘The Legendary Harry Caray’

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny his influence on Chicago baseball.

Book review: ‘Let’s Play Two’

This biography of Ernie Banks reveals some facets of Mr. Cub’s life that we have not seen before.

Book review: ‘The 1969 Cubs’

It’s hard to believe 50 years have gone by.

Choice reads for Cubs fans this offseason

Time to dust off the library cards!

Book review: ‘Power Ball’

It’s not about the lottery. It’s about baseball and its future.

Book review: ‘Finding My Father’s Voice, A Baseball Love Story’

This is a baseball story, but it’s so much more.

Book Review: ‘For The Love Of The Cubs’

This book really is for all ages, and for the ages.

Book Review: ‘Chicago Cubs, A Decade-By-Decade History’

You know this story, and parts of it well. This book still has things you haven’t seen before.

Book Review: ‘Teammate’

Cubs backup catcher David Ross has a new book out.

Book Review: ‘The Plan’

Theo Epstein’s plan worked to perfection.

Book Review: ‘Lost Ballparks’

Baseball as it was played in places long gone, including some in Chicago.

Book Review: ‘The Cubs Way’

An inside look at how the Cubs built their 2016 World Series winner.

Book Review: ‘Maybe Next Year’

After 108 years, the Cubs delivered in 2016.

Book Review: ‘Go Cubs Go’

A delightful children’s book from an unexpected source.

Book Review: ‘Let’s Go Cubs!’

This fun book celebrates the Cubs’ resurgence.

‘Cubs By The Numbers’: Revised And Updated!

A new edition of this fun book is available now!

Book Review: 'The Arm'

This is an important, well-researched book.

Book Review: 'Baseball's Game Changers'

This colorful book will make you think about the people and things that have been most influential in baseball history.

Book Review: 'Cubs 100, A Century At Wrigley'

100 stories for the 100 years of our favorite team at our favorite ballpark.

2016 Bill James Handbook Cubs Projections

The Cubs are going to have an excellent 2016, according to the annual projections in the Bill James Handbook.

Book Review: 'Johnny Evers: A Baseball Life'

A fascinating look not only at a man, but at an era of baseball.

2015 Bill James Handbook Cubs Projections

Want to know how Cubs players will do next year? Bill James' annual handbook has the answers... or, at least, projected answers.

Book Review: 'Dorothy And Otis'

This isn't a baseball book, but there's plenty of Cubs-related material inside.


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