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Chicago Cubs essays

The Frank Schwindel conundrum

Differing views can be held on the Cubs first baseman, depending on whether you’re old-school or data-driven.

If Robinson Chirinos can’t come back this year, the Cubs should call up Erick Castillo

He’s a catcher in the system who deserves a MLB cuppa coffee.

Do you want the Cubs to win their remaining games or tank for a higher draft pick?

With 12 games remaining, there’s not much room for movement in the 2022 draft order.

An update on Javier Báez, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and other former Cubs

With two weeks to go, some of these guys will have to get hot for their teams to make the postseason.

Frank Schwindel has been crushing MLB pitching. Is that sustainable?

The new Cubs first baseman is hitting almost everything in sight.

A good look at Alfonso Rivas, from the University of Arizona to the Cubs

The former Arizona Wildcat is a potential star.

An updated look at the Cubs’ offseason 40-man roster

Who should stay and who should go when the 2021 season is over?

Who is your choice for Cubs General Manager?

Cubs President of Baseball Operations Jed Hoyer is looking for one. There are many good candidates.

The Cubs’ unusual 2021 hitting and pitching splits

This year’s Cubs have been up, and down, then up and down again.

An update on Javier Báez, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and other former Cubs

Time for the weekly check-in on some of your old favorites.

Patrick Wisdom has outstanding strike-zone judgment

Too bad umpires don’t agree. He’s been jobbed on quite a few called third strikes.

Andrew Romine’s DFA opened a Cubs 40-man roster spot. How should they fill it, now and later?

Decisions will have to be made about who to keep, who to add, and who to let go.

An update on Javier Báez, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and other former Cubs

Here’s how some of your old favorites did over the last week.

What the Cubs need to succeed in 2022 is better pitching

The numbers make it clear.

It’s time for MLB to reduce the number of intracity ‘rivalry’ games

The current setup has far too many such games and it can lead to trouble in the stands.

Here’s how the Cubs can put a competitive 2022 roster on the field for $140 million

Think they can’t compete in 2022? Think again.

Javy Báez has found himself in the middle of a New York City media war

Could the end result bring him back to the Cubs?

A 2022 Cubs 40-man roster what-if

What if a labor dispute cancels part of next season?

Javier Báez gives thumbs down to Mets fans and updates on other former Cubs

Javy had himself an interesting Sunday.

Here’s a closer look at Patrick Wisdom’s Rookie of the Year case

He’ll probably get a few third-place votes

If the Cubs don’t spend this offseason, Chicago baseball fandom could head to the South Side

Just because the Cubs have been the most popular team in Chicago for half a century doesn’t mean it will always remain so.

How should the Cubs’ 40-man roster look heading into the 2021-22 offseason?

Current Cubs players divide pretty neatly into three columns: Retain, drop or undecided. Here’s one look at the 40-man.

The Cubs’ three best July 2021 trades (for now)

The Cubs got some real talent in the deadline deals. Which one did you like best?

An update on Javier Báez, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and other former Cubs

Presented as a service for those keeping up with these players.

The Cubs should try to acquire Kevin Padlo from the Rays

Here’s some reasonably young talent the Cubs could trade for. Yes, even now.

An update on Javier Báez, Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and other former Cubs

You still follow these guys, so let’s have another look.

A look at some Iowa Cubs who might get a look in MLB this season

There’s still some time to look at some guys in the system at the major-league level.

In appreciation of Jake Arrieta

Let’s remember the good things.

Adbert Alzolay has the worst lefty power problem in baseball

Is there already a solution in the works?

Here are 4 reasons the Cubs have to spend on player payroll in 2022

The team isn’t good right now. But if they aren’t in 2022, the losses will be huge — and not just financially.

An update on Anthony Rizzo, Javier Báez, Kris Bryant and other former Cubs

Because why not?

Data-sorting the rest of the 2021 Cubs season

Which of the remnant Cubs will be important in 2022? Now is the time to assess that.


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