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Chicago Cubs essays

Today in Cubs history: The last time the Cubs turned a triple play at Wrigley Field

It’s not often a triple play happens the way this one did, either.

The Cubs should not be thinking selloff. Instead, they should be buyers

Here’s why.

Adbert Alzolay’s two-inning save was electric

More like this, please!

Which team is the real 2023 Chicago Cubs?

Is it the one that got off to the great start, or the one that’s been bad the last couple of weeks?

Firing David Ross is not the answer to the Cubs’ problems

The Cubs had a rough road trip, but it wasn’t all the manager’s fault.

Here are 10 really bad Cubs blown leads from the divisional play era

Looking for games worse than Wednesday’s? Here are a few.

Do the 2023 Cubs have more than a .500 win percentage in their future?

A look at the Cubs at the quarter season mark

2023 Cubs Heroes and Goats: Games 1-37

A quick check-in on the Cubs so far in 2023.

The Cubs would ‘love to find a way’ to keep Cody Bellinger long-term

So, let’s look at this topic again.

Willson Contreras returns to Wrigley Field... and stirs up controversy

It was exactly what we all should have expected

An early look at the Cubs running game in 2023

The Cubs have demonstrated two different stolen base identities so far.

The Cubs should make Cody Bellinger a multi-year offer

... and do it now, to lock him up.

Three surprising statistics that tell the story of the Cubs’ strong start

The Cubs are doing unexpected things in several areas, and that’s helped lead to wins in the early going.

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks... but bring your wallet

Concession prices have surged at Wrigley Field this year.

The Cubs have too many DH types and this needs to change

And this from a front office that said it was focusing on defense this year.

An updated look at the 2023 Cubs payroll and luxury tax

We’re about halfway through April, so let’s see where the team stands.

Wednesday’s Cubs game was one of the warmest ever this early in the season at Wrigley

The early-April weather in Chicago has been remarkable.

After four 2023 Cubs series, here are four (over) reactions

There’s been some good — and some bad — so far this year for the Cubs. Here are some thoughts.

The Cubs don’t have any lefthanded relievers and they need to fix that

An all-righty bullpen is a disadvantage.

The Cubs don’t have enough outfielders and have too many guys playing out of position

Fix it, Jed.

Reflections on the cusp of the Cubs’ 2023 season

Things are going to be better. Count on it.

Play For Opening Day gave fans a chance to step up to the plate at Wrigley Field

The best prize was the experience

Who should be in the Cubs’ Opening Day bullpen?

The answer isn’t as easy as you might think.

Should Mike Tauchman or Nelson Velázquez make the Cubs’ Opening Day roster?

The Cubs need a right fielder while Seiya Suzuki is out. Who should it be?

MLB’s pitch timer has had some unintended consequences — for team broadcasters

The faster pace of play means changes for the on-air product.

Here’s how various projection systems see the 2023 Chicago Cubs

Those systems don’t hate the team, but a lot needs to go right for them to be above .500

Another early look at the Cubs’ 2023 Opening Day roster

Some more guesses as to who will be on the field at Wrigley on March 30.

Durability and redundancy: In praise of Dansby Swanson

Here are some football and hockey analogies that show why Swanson is so valuable to the Cubs.

Does Seiya Suzuki’s injury give Matt Mervis a shot at the Opening Day roster?

The Cubs will need someone to step up while their Japanese star is out.

Reflections on the cusp of Cubs Spring Training games

We are just four days away from baseball at Sloan Park.

Who should be the Cubs’ leadoff hitter in 2023?

There’s not an obvious choice.

Please welcome Mr. Cheerios to the Cubs as we have some fun with anagrams

A different look at names on the Cubs’ 40-man roster.


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