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Chicago Cubs/MLB broadcasts/telecasts

If you think losing RSN money won’t affect MLB payrolls, think again

The Twins have just announced that it will.

Here’s why World Series TV ratings don’t matter

Baseball isn’t dying, you guys.

Marquee Sports Network announces direct-to-consumer streaming app

You asked for it. Now, you have it.

Marquee Sports Network is starting a direct-to-consumer streaming service

This is good news for in-market cord-cutters.

Today in Cubs history: The very first WGN-TV baseball telecast

75 years ago today marked the beginning of the longest-ever relationship between an MLB team and a TV channel.

MLB’s pitch timer has had some unintended consequences — for team broadcasters

The faster pace of play means changes for the on-air product.

The Cubs will appear on Apple TV+ twice early this season

The streaming service has also made some changes in its announcer lineup.

Ten Cubs spring games will be carried on 670 The Score

Here’s your Spring Training radio schedule.

Marquee Sports Network will televise 29 Cubs Spring Training games

Get ready to watch the Cubs on TV!

Dexter Fowler joins Marquee Sports Network

The former Cubs outfielder returns to the fold.

The Cubs will have two games streaming on Peacock this year

... including, for the first time, one at Wrigley Field.

Marquee Sports Network, regional sports channels and streaming, explained

Let’s clear up some misconceptions you might have about the Cubs channel and how TV games are distributed.

Marquee Sports Network’s ratings are down... but it’s not just because the Cubs have been bad

There are other factors causing the Cubs channel’s numbers to not be good.

A few more thoughts about Marquee Sports Network’s Cubs game broadcasts

The channel’s live game presentation still leaves much to be desired.

Cubs, Giants game September 11 will be on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

One last time for the Cubs on the Worldwide Leader this year.

Retired Blackhawks announcer Pat Foley will call a Cubs game next week

This is a nice gesture by Marquee Sports Network and the Score.

Marquee Sports Network will feature all four Cubs minor league teams tonight... live

It’s a first-of-its-kind whiparound show.

Here’s how to watch tonight’s Cubs/Giants game on Apple TV+

The Cubs have their second consecutive Friday night game on the streaming service.

A few thoughts about the Cubs’ first game televised on Peacock

The NBC/Comcast owned streaming service has some things to learn about baseball.

Here’s how to watch today’s Cubs/Phillies game on Peacock

There’s another streaming service carrying MLB games, and the Cubs make their first appearance this morning. (Yes, morning!)

Here’s how to watch tonight’s Cubs/Phillies game on Apple TV+

The Cubs begin the second half with a TV game on a streaming service.

Cubs, Giants will be on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball July 31

It’s another Cubs date with the Worldwide Leader — just before the trade deadline.

Here’s how to watch tonight’s Cubs/Cardinals game on Apple TV+

It’s the second of two Cubs games on the streaming service before the All-Star break.

Two more Cubs games will be on Apple TV+ in July

It’s still free, for now.

A few thoughts about Marquee Sports Network’s Cubs game broadcasts

Cubs games are getting hard to watch, and not for the play on the field.

Marquee Sports Network will carry 39 Cubs minor league games this summer

Want to keep up with the Cubs farm system? Marquee can help.

The Cubs/Cardinals game June 5 will be on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball

The Worldwide Leader will show the Cubs again soon.

Here’s how to watch tonight’s Cubs/Pirates game on YouTube

It’s another new, different channel for a Cubs broadcast.

Here’s how to watch tonight’s Cubs/Diamondbacks game on Apple TV+

It’s one of two Cubs games on the streaming service before the All-Star break.

Marquee Sports Network programming is now available on DIRECTV

This is a big deal for out-of-market Cubs fans.

YouTube has switched Cubs games in May

There’s been a schedule change for Cubs TV next month.

A Cubs game will be aired on YouTube in 2022

This is a first for the North Siders.


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