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Chicago Cubs music

Here are the 2022 Cubs walkup/intro songs

A lot of new players this year means a lot of new music at the ballpark.

Here are the 2021 Cubs walkup/intro songs

Wondering what music you hear when Cubs players come to bat or enter the game? Here’s the list!

Here are the 2020 Cubs walkup/intro songs

You can’t hear them at the ballpark this year, but listen for them on the broadcasts at home games.

The Cubs Boat: Video parody

Set sail on the SS Chicago Cubs in 2020 with Danny Rockett’s "Love Boat Theme."

Here’s an updated list of 2019 Cubs walkup music

These are the songs played for Cubs batters and pitchers as they come to bat or enter the game.

Here are the Cubs’ Wrigley Field walkup songs for 2019

A few new, a few old, a few added.

Come on out for Cubs caroling!

BCB’s Danny Rockett is getting a group together to go Cubs caroling and you’re invited!

‘No Fighting In The Bleachers: A Cubs holiday parody song

Accidental viral videographer Danny Rockett makes a holiday parody about an unfortunate fight at Wrigley.

Cubs song parody: ‘David Bote’

We celebrate the historic walk-off grand slam with a parody of KC and the Sunshine Band’s "Shake Your Booty"

Cubs parody song: ‘Cole Hamels’

BCB’s Danny Rockett wrote a "Havana" parody song welcoming Cole Hamels to the Cubs!

New Cubs song: Vote Almora!

BCB’s Danny Rockett sings a "That’s Amore" parody to get out the All-Star vote for Albert Almora!

A comprehensive list of 2018 Cubs walkup music

Here are the songs you’ve heard for Cubs players at Wrigley Field this year.

Cubs parody song: ‘Yuuuu! Yu Picked the Cubbies’

BCB’s Danny Rockett says "Let’s sing two!" with another Yu Darvish parody song.

Cubs parody song: ‘We Got Yu Paid’

Danny Rockett’s parody of Sonny and Cher’s "I Got You Babe" about the Cubs signing of Yu Darvish.

Luke Bryan playing Wrigley Field this summer

Three more Wrigley Field concert dates was announced.

Billy Joel will play Wrigley Field again this summer

It’s the fifth straight year for him at the ballpark.

Pearl Jam is returning to Wrigley Field this summer

Here’s still more concert info.

Two more 2018 Wrigley Field concerts announced

Lots of nostalgia coming to the ballpark concert scene.

A 2017 Cubs Christmas album

All your favorite Christmas classics parodied about the Chicago Cubs

Cubs parody song: ‘To Morrow’

Danny Rockett’s parody of the iconic Annie song to welcome Brandon Morrow to the Chicago Cubs

A guide to the Canadian national anthem for Cubs fans

It’s been a while. Do you still remember it?

A comprehensive updated list of 2017 Cubs walkup music

Some songs have changed, and the Cubs have some new players on the team.

Vote for Carl Edwards Jr.’s walk-up song!

BCB’s Danny Rockett is a finalist for a CSN song contest and needs your vote!

If Carl Edwards Jr. had a walk-up song when he batted...

CSN Chicago is holding a contest to compose a walk-up song for your favorite Cubs player!

Cubs Song: ‘Coming Back to Wrigley’

How do you feel about the season after the World Series title? Here’s a musical view.

A Comprehensive List Of 2017 Cubs Walkup Music

Ever wondered what that Cubs player’s walkup song was? Here’s the scoop.

Cubs Song Parody: ‘Heyward’s New Swing’

BCB’s Danny Rockett takes a musical look at Jason Heyward’s new swing.

‘Spring Training’: A Cubs Song!

BCB’s Danny Rockett ushers in the 2017 season with the first Cubs song of the year!

The Unconventional Cubs Party

It was all for fun and raised money for a good cause.

Have Yourself A Very Cubbie Christmas

Enjoy the holiday with this Cubs Christmas cover song.

Cubs Song Parody: ‘Lester Always Flips It Underhand’

BCB’s Danny Rockett sings about the Cubs lovable lefty’s yips.

Cubs Song Parody: ‘Oh, The Cubs Are Raising Prices For Tickets’

BCB’s Danny Rockett spreads a little holiday cheer about the Cubs’ ticket price hike.


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