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Chicago Cubs player profiles

2023 Chicago Cubs prospect profiles: Riley Martin

He’s a southpaw on the stairstep of the major leagues.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Edwin Escobar

Edwin Escobar has spent seven years in Japan. Perhaps he’s learned something.

2023 Cubs prospect profiles: Porter Hodge

He’s #26 on the MLB prospect list, and presumably rising as the Cubs have protected him from the Rule 5 draft by giving him a spot on the 40-man roster. He pitched decently for the Southern League Champion Tennessee Smokies and has a big build and a live arm.

2023 Cubs prospect profiles: Michael Arias

Michael Arias is going to be in the Pitch Lab for a bit. We have no idea what the finished product will be, but it will likely be electric.

2023 Cubs prospect profiles: Bailey Horn

Bailey Horn has good stuff but oh, those bases on balls. He’ll have to fix that, and he’s 26, turning from prospect to suspect. This is probably his best chance to stick.

2023 Cubs prospect profiles: Haydn McGeary

Haydn McGeary’s bat plays anywhere, but his hands are strictly strangers to the glove. MLB has the DH. His easy power makes him a good fit.

2023 Cubs prospect profiles: Luis Vázquez

He’s been around for a bit but progress, as they say, isn’t linear, and he jumped a couple of levels in 2023.

2023 Cubs prospect profiles: Jackson Ferris

The 2022 second -rounder is just getting going. He’s just 19 and has time on his side. He’s big and strong and has a feel for the curve, plus he throws bbs.

2023 Cubs prospect profiles: Moises Ballesteros

He’s going to have to learn to keep the weight off, but his LH power is real and he can learn defense. The future is bright for this young Venezuelan.

2023 Cubs prospect profiles: Kevin Alcántara

El Jaguar brings athleticism, a good glove, big power and superstar attitude. He came to Chicago in the Rizzo trade and his big shoes to fill. He might, in time, fill them.

2023 Cubs prospect profiles: Cade Horton

Horton will probably be in a rotation near you sooner rather than later. He’s rated as Baseball America’s No. 2 pitching prospect.

2023 Cubs prospect profiles: James Triantos

James Triantos is tearing the cover off the ball in the Arizona Fall League, but what will that amount to?

2023 Cubs prospect profiles: Brennen Davis

Davis was the Cubs’ No. 1 prospect until an injury. Now he’s trying to get his mojo back. The clock is ticking.

2023 Cubs prospect profiles: Owen Caissie

Owen Caissie is in Double-A awaiting his seemingly inevitable promotion. His hair is on fire.

2023 Cubs prospect profiles: Ben Brown

Beginning our profiles of prospects in the Cubs system with their top MiLB pitching prospect, Ben Brown.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Miguel Amaya

This profile somehow got lost in the shuffle, but Amaya wasn’t lost to the team itself. He’ll likely be the No. 2 catcher in 2024 and the No. 1 in 2025.

The inevitable 2023 Cubs Player Profile summing-up, or a fail of two cities: Part 2

The pitching staff was loosely-knit all year, and some of the patches kept us in stitches. It got a little worn in spots.

The inevitable 2023 Cubs Player Profile summing-up, or a fail of two cities

The Cubs failed to capitalize because they weren’t deep enough. Depth in Major League Baseball terms means redundancy, and a lot of moving parts.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Alexander Canario

Alexander Canario got a cuppa and breakfast, one at-bat, and some good paychecks in 2023. 2024 will look brighter for him.

2023 Cubs player profiles: José Cuas

The reliever with the funky sidearm delivery has a murky future with the Cubs. Great story though.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Jordan Wicks

Wicks has pitched like his hair’s on fire while he maintains a calm demeanor so far in his short Cubs career. He looks like he’s in The Show to stay after a meteoric rise through the minor-league system.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Luke Little

Luke is anything but little, and he might be a big deal for the Cubs, who need lefty relief. He has rocketed through the Cubs’ minor-league system and is ready to contribute.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Pete Crow-Armstrong

Pete Crow-Armstrong has arrived in the Majors and his glove has already shown up. His bat shouldn’t be far behind.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Jeimer Candelario

The switch-hitting third baseman is a possible keeper as a bridge between Patrick Wisdom and Matt Shaw. He’s at just the right age where a couple of years at a small raise might be appealing. His bat and glove have good value.

2023 Cubs player profiles: A cool half-dozen minor-leaguers

Last in a series. Six players who are on the 40-man are unlikely to see any time in Chicago this year but almost certainly will in the future. We provide thumbnail portraits for each to conclude our series (for now?) and will await developments.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Jared Young

39th in a series. Jared Young is a good coffee date but as a permanent fixture leaves something to be desired.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Nelson Velázquez

38th in a series. Nelson Velázquez needs to improve in several areas to be an effective major league player — he certainly has the potential but might find himself on another squad.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Daniel Palencia

37th in a series. Daniel Palencia has rocketed up from Myrtle Beach and is in the Cubs’ bullpen. He has enormous potential.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Nick Burdi

36th in a series. Burdi has been hurt and/or ineffective for his entire career, though he began with plenty of promise and a three-digit heater.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Brandon Hughes

35th in a series. Hughes has been hurt most of the year and ineffective when he’s in there. He needs to get right.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Anthony Kay

34th in a series. Anthony Kay has bounced around the minors a bit, after being a highly-regarded prospect.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Jeremiah Estrada

33rd in a series. Jeremiah Estrada came all the way up from A ball and probably could use a little more seasoning.


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