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Chicago Cubs player profiles

2023 Cubs player profiles: Adrian Sampson

32nd in a series. If Sampson pitches at all this year, it’ll be late, and with an eye toward possibly retaining his services. He’s not going to be any help this year.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Codi Heuer

Thirty-first in a series. Codi Heuer is perhaps the leading closer candidate for the Cubs and is recovering from TJS. He’ll be back soon and his rebuilt electric arm will be in play.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Brad Boxberger

Thirtieth in a series. Brad Boxberger hasn’t panned out but he’s been injured. He’ll be back fairly soon, and then we’ll find out how much of his ineffectiveness was due to a forearm strain. Regardless, he’s an older player and won’t be around much longer.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Keegan Thompson

Twenty-ninth in a series. Keegan Thompson isn’t having his best season, but he’s a prisoner of his own success, to a degree. He should be back before too long.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Michael Fulmer

Twenty-eighth in a series. Michael Fulmer was a much-heralded signing, but it hasn’t worked out for him at all. I don’t think he should buy a house in Chicagoland.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Michael Rucker

Twenty-seventh in a series. Rucker has had his ups and downs but has mostly stayed in the major-league bullpen.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Mark Leiter Jr.

26th in a series. Mark Leiter Jr. has carved out a role in the Cubs bullpen after he was designated for assignment earlier this year. Patrick Wisdom calls his work "The Leit Show".

2023 Cubs player profiles: Javier Assad

No. 25 in a series. Javier Assad is valuable insurance for now and a potential rotation piece going forward.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Kyle Hendricks

24th in a series. Kyle Hendricks hasn’t been the same pitcher he was earlier in his career, for the past couple of years. A lot of weak contact has been barreled. He’s just back from a year on the IL.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Adbert Alzolay

23rd in a series. No. 73 took a while to get to Wrigley but he’s here to stay. Maybe one day he’ll be the closer. He’d like that.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Mike Tauchman

23rd in a series. Mike Tauchman is an older player with a low ceiling and a good half-year as a major leaguer. He has some skills but is just here for coffee.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Miles Mastrobuoni

22nd in a series. Miles to go, and miles before I sleep. The utility man is on the Iowa shuttle but might log significant time in Chicago, depending.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Christopher Morel

Twenty-first in a series. He’s been on a tear since coming back to the Show. And he almost didn’t make it. Here’s a bit of his story.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Matt Mervis

Nineteenth in a series. Rookie first baseman Matt Mervis and his big bat arrived in Chicago in early May and it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Hayden Wesneski

Eighteenth in a series. The rookie is holding his own so far, and looks like he’s here to stay.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Drew Smyly

Seventeenth in a series. Southpaw Smyly is enjoying a good year and having a fine time in Chicago. He has at least another year on his contract, though he does have an opt-out after this year, which he’s unlikely to exercise.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Jameson Taillon

Sixteenth in a series. Signing Taillon was a big step in the right direction for the Cubs, though the results remain to be seen.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Justin Steele

Fifteenth in a series. Justin Steele is the Cubs’ most potent homegrown in years. And he won’t be the last.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Marcus Stroman

Fourteenth in a series. Marcus Stroman is the default ‘ace’ of the staff, pitching well enough in the final year of his contract to be considered for renewal, probably based on asking price after the season.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Luis Torrens

Thirteenth in a series. Another player that has a mysterious presence on the roster. We await developments.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Edwin Rios

Twelfth in the series. Not many people understand why this guy is on the roster, and the Cubs aren’t making that understanding any easier by not playing him.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Seiya Suzuki

The 11th in a series of capsule biographies. Japanese superstar Suzuki comes to Chicago and sayonara baseballs. His glove will come around.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Yan Gomes

Tenth in the series. Yan Gomes is the Cubs’ alternate catcher and is on the last year of his deal. He’s productive enough, but at his age, does it make sense to sign him to another year?

2023 Cubs player profiles: Nick Madrigal

The ninth in a series of capsule biographies. Nicky Two-Strikes is holding on to a spot on the pine. That’s probably it for him unless he gets traded.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Tucker Barnhart

The eighth in a series of capsule biographies. Barnhart was brought in to help foster strong defense and good pitching, and he seems to have helped with both. He’s signed through 2024.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Patrick Wisdom, holding down the fort

The seventh in a series of capsule biographies. Patrick Wisdom had led the Cubs in home runs the last two seasons, and might do so again this season, as he is in the lead now. He strikes out roughly five times as many times as he hits a home run, and he hits a lot of home runs.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Eric Hosmer is keeping the spot warm

The sixth in a series of capsule biographies. Eric Hosmer is a placeholder position player who is likely only in Chicago for part of the year, but he doesn’t really hurt you out there.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Trey Mancini

The fifth in a series of capsule biographies. Trey Mancini has been through a lot on and off the field. It’s still not certain whether he has much future as a Cub and he’s probably playing for his next contract.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Cody Bellinger

The fourth in a series of capsule biographies. As Bellinger goes, the Cubs will go. He wants to simplify the game and let his talent take over. He and the Cubs have a mutual option should things turn out well.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Ian Happ, former BearCat and Pittsburgh-area native

The third in a series of capsule biographies. Ian Happ has a glorious past and his future destination is cloudy, but he can clearly do whatever he puts his mind to.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Dansby Swanson, the $177 million man

The second in a series of capsule biographies. Dansby Swanson is the Cubs 177 million dollar man, and the expectations are sky-high.

2023 Cubs player profiles: Nico Hoerner, the face at second base

The first in a series of capsule biographies. Nico Hoerner leads off. He doesn’t think winning happens by accident and is busy preparing for victory.


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