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Chicago Cubs trade & free agent rumors and proposals

The White Sox lost AJ Pollock to injury. Could this provide a trade chance for the Cubs?

The Cubs might lose an outfielder when rosters go back to 26 in May. Why not trade him now?

The Cubs ‘may be’ pursuing Anthony Rizzo

Well now, there’s an interesting development.

The Cubs and Carlos Correa have mutual interest

... but it depends on the number of years in the deal.

The Cubs and free agent shortstops: Carlos Correa, Trevor Story, others

Should the Cubs go for it and sign one of the big names?

Could Kris Bryant be a Cub again?

One report hints that it’s possible.

The Cubs should sign Clint Frazier

There are injury caveats, but he could have big upside.

Cubs free agent target: Corey Kluber

Because why not?

Cubs free agent target: Jorge Soler

How about bringing another ex-Cub back?

Cubs free agent target: Kris Bryant

He’s likely going to be in a uniform other than the Cubs or Giants in 2022.

Cubs free agent target: Anthony Rizzo

He’s probably not coming back. But let’s talk about him anyway.

The Cubs should trade for William Contreras

Yes, because he’s Willson’s brother, but also because he’s good... and likely now available.

Here are three relievers who could be the next Andrew Chafin or Ryan Tepera

The Cubs could target any or all of these guys for the 2022 bullpen.

Cubs free agent targets: Andrew Chafin and Ryan Tepera

They were a dynamic duo in the Cubs pen in 2021 before being traded.

Cubs free agent target: Jon Gray

The Cubs could have drafted him in 2013. He might be a good pickup now.

Cubs trade target: Sonny Gray

The Reds are apparently having a fire sale, so why not?

Here are a couple of ideas on how to trade Jason Heyward’s remaining salary

They involve taking on another team’s bad contract.

SB Nation Offseason Simulation: The fake 2022 Cubs

All the SB Nation sites got together for some simulated wheeling and dealing.

Cubs trade target: Luis Castillo

Hey, why not?

Cubs free agent target: Yusei Kikuchi

Here’s an under-the-radar guy who could be useful.

Cubs free agent target: Javier Báez

Yes, I’m telling you there’s a chance.

Cubs free agent target: Carlos Rodón

Well, why not?

Cubs free agent target: Kyle Schwarber

Of all the Cubs who departed, he might be the best one to bring back.

Cubs free agent target: Eduardo Rodriguez

Here’s another lefty who could bolster the rotation.

Cubs free agent target: Andrew Chafin

He was really good with the Cubs and seemed to enjoy being in Chicago, so why not?

Cubs free agent target: Chris Taylor

The versatile Dodger could be really useful as a Cub.

Cubs free agent target: Freddie Freeman

It’s pretty unlikely that the Cubs could sign the Braves 1B... but let’s talk about it anyway.

Cubs trade target: Jose Ramirez

Let’s aim high in talking about players the Cubs could acquire this winter.

Cubs free agent target: Robbie Ray

We can dream, can’t we?

Cubs free agent target: Marcus Stroman

This probably isn’t happening, but go ahead and dream anyway.

Cubs free agent target: Alex Wood

Here’s another lefthander who could help the Cubs... if he can stay healthy.

Cubs free agent target: Steven Matz

Here’s a lefthander who could bolster the rotation.

There’s a mock Willson Contreras trade proposal online. It’s not good, so let’s mock it

It shouldn’t be taken as a fait accompli.


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