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Designated columnists

The Cubs' Rebuild -- And One 50 Years Ago

Is the current Cubs' rebuild similar to the one that happened after a similarly horrific season in 1962?

Theo Epstein's Player Development Machine Plan

Theo Epstein came to Boston with a plan to build a deep organization. He's trying to do the same in Chicago; if he does, perhaps the Cubs can enjoy the same success.

Could Anthony Rizzo Become The Cubs’ Greatest 1B?

The Cubs have never really had a franchise first baseman. Perhaps now, they do.

Josh Vitters 101

In the second of our guest columns, Mike Bates from The Platoon Advantage takes a look at Josh Vitters' 2012 season and what that means for the future. (101 doesn't refer to the Cubs' losses in 2012. Although it could.)

The Bright Side Of Alfonso Soriano

As part of SB Nation United, you’re going to be seeing some new voices at BCB, featured site contributors writing about issues both local and national. Think of them as guests in the community. We’re beginning this week with Bill Parker.