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I just found out Carlos Zambrano has a blog. He just started it on Tuesday, and it's in Spanish, so I translated it. Welcome to my new blog. This is the first entry in what I hope will be a series of installations on which I, as a player, I feel at the time with the Cubs this season and my colleagues. With confidence, Offer me your questions and give me perspective on what you think as an amateur. Visiting you here often ... I hope. Come the Cardinals A very important thing to have puppies, and I have always been a good critic, it is like playing against a good team and as a team falls short against teams not as good. I have always considered that there are no bad teams in the big leagues, but there are good teams and some not so good. Whenever a series is good as Milwaukee just have the battery as we say in Venezuela and took the series. San Luis is now and I think it will be a good series because they are one of the teams for the Cubs who are well placed pants. Speaking of passion and intensity I always try to do things right and when I go wrong that is why the frustration comes. Nobody wants to do evil. Even me. Nobody wants to do bad work. Everybody wants to do good work. There are things that no one wants to do in the field of play but quit and now. You need only follow and forget the daily and future. I think my colleagues, if one motivates through an energy that brings to the team. It is most important. The energy that brings in a daily, not just when I'm picha, but when I'm on the bench or batting pop out or anything I can do, it is best to transmit that energy to the team. My plans for the All-Star break I can not go to Venezuela because it is far and then we have to go to Washington. A visit to Venezuela consider it a journey too far. If we had a game in Miami or Atlanta is closer to Venezuela if you would go to Venezuela, but unfortunately it does not. My wife and I are going to take our daughters to the Bahamas and spend three days in The Bahamas. I forget a little baseball for those three days and share a good time with my family. Thanks for reading my first blog. Here, wait until next time ...

This is the historic Guzman vs. Guzman matchup, Cubs v. Nationals 7/16/09.


This is the historic Guzman vs. Guzman matchup, Cubs v. Nationals 7/16/09.

Alfonso Soriano batting against Washington, 7/16/09.


Alfonso Soriano batting against Washington, 7/16/09.

For those tracking summits of current and former Cub managers, here's Lou and Riggleman from the...


For those tracking summits of current and former Cub managers, here's Lou and Riggleman from the lineup exchange. I'll post a couple of more shots, but didn't get too much from tonight. I would like to thank Al for coming all the way out here to relieve me of the obligation to write this game up. Suffice to say, Harden looked surprisingly good, and the Cubs looked competent against a team that imploded as usual in the late innings.

Cubs Sign BJ Ryan (Link)


The Chicago Cubs will announce today that they have signed left-handed pitcher B.J. Ryan to a one-year, minor-league deal, according to a Major League Baseball source. Ryan will report to Mesa, Ariz., to begin building up his arm with minor-league pitching coordinator Mark Riggins.

Diamondbacks & Rockies Officially Move Spring Training To Scottsdale


Or more correctly, Salt River Indian tribal land adjacent to Scottsdale off route 101. There's a casino going up there, too. They'll start ST play there in 2011.

Contract Info for all Cubs players..


Just a handy little guide to the conditions/amount/length of each player's contract. Considering the amount of trade suggestions lately, thought this might help. Things I didn't know: 1. Riot's only making a half million this year? 2. Ted Lilly got a 75k bonus for making the AS team 3. Kosuke gets 8 free round trip tickets a year for his family

"The Sox can demote first baseman Aaron Bates to clear a spot for Buchholz, then demote Buchholz to...


"The Sox can demote first baseman Aaron Bates to clear a spot for Buchholz, then demote Buchholz to clear a spot for Lowell or Lowrie. But under virtually every scenario, Lugo would be the odd man out. If no deal is made, the Sox could release him, the source said. The problem with Lugo's trade value — besides his erratic defense since returning from knee surgery — is his contract. Lugo, 33, is owed the remainder of his $9 million salary this season, plus $9 million next season. The Sox have been trying to move him since last off-season. Lugo is batting .284 with a .352 on-base percentage in 123 plate appearances" Any chance the Cubs could capitalize on Boston's desire to dump Lugo? Perhaps he could be the bad contract the Cubs use to unload one of their bad contracts. Obviously our outfield contracts would be the nicest to unload, but Boston is pretty set there. Any clever ideas of how to make this work? Can any of our outfielders play first base (mostly kidding)?'desperately'-trying-to-deal-Lugo

OT: Off Day "Fun" - Take SFSU Survey in Purchasing and Happiness


(Al has given me the OK to post this here, so I am going to try for the third time to help out my friend, Professor Ryan Howell of San Francisco State University. Kudos to the very efficient monitors who are checking the site in his absence and taking down what they perceived to be SPAM. However, he has said it is OK for me to post this. Thank you. Please don't delete it again.) Hey Cubs fan brothers and sisters, something to do as we crawl towards the game with the Nats. My friend is a professor of psychology at San Francisco State University and he has started a research study to understand what factors (e.g., personality, emotions, and attitudes) may influence our preferences for certain consumer goods/services. It involves taking an online survey and lasts about 20 minutes or so. The study is anonymous. Even better, you can enter a drawing for one of 10 gift certificates at $25 each. The survey can be found here: On behalf of my friend, thanks to everyone who chooses to participate.

ESPN Stats show Soriano & Harden keys to Cubs 2nd half success


Soriano (and the rest of the Cubs) can't hit offspeed pitches. Harden (and Marmol & Heilman) can't throw 1st pitch strikes. Adjustments fellas!