Cubs opt out of StubHub deal


Along with Yankees and Angels. In other news, the $10.40 minimum delivery/service charge is gone in favor of an all-in price with a $6 minimum. As somebody who buys singles, I'll probably go to more games elsewhere without the $10 service fee. But it'll be interesting to see StubHub's approach to these three ballclubs.

Reds acquire Choo, Bauer to Cleveland in three-team trade


Unfortunately for the Cubs (IMO), Trevor Bauer is off the table. He's off to Cleveland in a 9-player, 3-team trade. Drew Stubbs also heads to Cleveland. I don't know much about the other prospects in the deal, but on the face, Arizona doesn't look like they got much to me (I'm very open to more info in that regard).

Rays-Royals Blockbuster


KC gets James Shields, Wade Davis and PTBNL for Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi, and two others. KC wants to win now. Rays wanted to restock and keep contending. Interesting.

It's the beginning of the end of Cubs Baseball on WGN America


We've been pretty lucky (I guess) for the last 30+ years. But, I'm going to bet 2013 will be the last season for those of outside of Chicago to see at least 50 games on basic cable.

Dodgers sign Greinke


Implications for the Cubs? Well, if they or anyone wants Capuano or Harang, they can have them for next to nothing. And, this probably means Texas will try harder to sign Hamilton, meaning they may look to deal for pitching later--Garza in March, perhaps? Otherwise, a few more dominoes need to fall before we know whether the Cubs will be able to sign another starting pitcher this Winter.

Cubs Invite Andrew Carpenter To Spring Training


Minor-league deal with a NRI. Carpenter is 27, has pitched briefly in majors with Phillies, Padres, Blue Jays over last five years. Can't have too many arms.

Antitrust Blackout Lawsuit Moves Forward


Sounds like there's some potential for this to result in some progress on the blackout rules. Here is the opinion as well. I haven't read it yet but it looks interesting:

AZ Phil On Rule 5 Draft


More info than you want, but that's how it tends to be with Phil. :)