Kris Bryant (and Astros' Alex Bregman) helped make a fan's dream come true


Bryant, with an assist from Bregman, got to meet up with mega-fan Faith Kuhn, a 12-year-old with spina bifida.

Matheny Manifesto


I just do not understand that the guy that was managing the Cardinals wrote this. Maybe that is the issue, he has managed his big league roster like a little league team.

The first American Middle Finger was by a baseball player


So who knew this. I think John Lackey is a descendent from him. This guy holds the overall record with 59 wins in a season. Not too bad. This post may be a little crued for some. I liked it. It has some good info in it.

Watch Javier Baez steal home. Again.


His fourth career steal of home, if you were keeping track.

Vote Baez to Start in the All Star Game!


Looks like Rizzo and Bryant are lost causes this year but Baez is within striking distance as of the last NL update ( He and Contreras are the best chance the Cubs have now of getting a Cub in the starting lineup.

Yu Darvish treats both teams to huge dinner during rehab stint


Yu Darvish is probably one of the most low-key nice guys in baseball. He makes donations to charities of players on opposing teams. And during his recent rehab stint he got a fancy dinner buffet not just for his team, but for the opposing players as well. Now that's a class act.

How Mike Trout stacks up to MLB's greats as he closes in on 1,000 games


This is crazy. Why did we never pull the trigger on the Vogelbach for Trout trade.

Kris Bryant and his dad talk shop ahead of Father's Day


Bryant's dad has a batting cage at his Vegas house, because of course he does.

Cubs Picks In Action This Weekend


Five Cubs Draft picks play college games this weekend. Read about which ones.