You, Too, Can Play Football On Wrigley Field


For $50, you can buy a ticket to one of several sessions the day after the Northwestern/Illinois game to throw a football around Wrigley Field. Details and ticket sales at the link.

Fangraphs looks at a Mark Reynolds trade.


Perhaps Mark Reynolds is an option for the Cubs at 1st. He could provide HR, OBP, and strikeouts, similar to Dunn. He would have the added benefit that he could slide over to 3rd if/when A-Ram is injured, and he could fill 3rd until Vitters is ready (presumably within the 3 years left on Reynolds deal. The Cubs could sign another mid-range 1B to add depth at the position; an Aubrey Huff/Lance Berkman type. Food for thought anyway.

Paul Sullivan's Blame Game for 2010


I know many (most) of you don't like Sullivan, but I thought it was an interesting dissection of this year's team. So: Agree? Disagree? Have your own list?

OT: Former Bear George Blanda Dead at 83


Blanda played for the Bears from 1949-1958. His 26 years played in pro football is a record that will never be broken.

Man Convicted Of Murder In Nick Adenhart Case


He could get 50 years to life in prison.

CSN Chicago video of James Russell and Brad Snyder in their rookie hazing outfits yesterday.


CSN Chicago video of James Russell and Brad Snyder in their rookie hazing outfits yesterday.

MLB Offseason Dates Moved Up


This MLBTR link references a Jayson Stark article from last week regarding dates for signings, etc. being moved up and has specific dates listed.

Even Cubs are OK by Ozzie


Funniest SunTimes article of the week. I can imagine the look on the headline writer's face when they saw that quote. Oh, Ozzie, we're not worthy!

The NY Yankees Wood


HOLY COW! I started wondering about how our old friend Kerry Wood was doing with the Yankees and I got a huge surprise! It looks like he is tearing it up. What in the world happened? I was hearing so many people say he was washed up and finished while he was with the Indians... but it doesn't seem that way anymore. Has anybody seen him pitch for the Yankees? Have you spotted him doing anything different? I don't know if he is going to be a free agent at the end of the season, but if he keep pitching anywhere as close to the way he has been, his career isn't yet over! Go Kerry!