Ever wonder what Ballhawks do in the winter?


76 days till the home opener but the Ballhawks are ready! I've been fortunate to be involved in a documentary about the Wrigley Field ballhawks, titled appropriately enough, Ballhawks. Filming took place a few years ago, before the bleacher expansion. Editing, promoting and getting MLB approval has taken up most of the time since then. The film's in the can now and it's being shopped around but no guarantee it will ever see the silver screen. Still, it's made it as far as getting an entry in IMDB and has been submitted to several film festivals, among them SXSW, Sundance and Tribeca. And with Bill Murray doing the narration, it's got some star power, so who knows... Anyway, the title link above (and here) should take you to a somewhat humorous trailer for the movie. Thankfully, we got it done in one take...

Cubs/Mesa a win-win for Spring Training


Interesting details regarding the Mesa, AZ proposal for the Cubs New Spring Training Complex

Matt Stairs signs with the Padres


Not a guaranteed spot but he is expected to make the team. I love the guy and wish him well but this is an excuse to run one of my all time favorite baseball clips on youtube not related to on field play.

Source: Sale of Rangers nears $570M


Nolan Ryan is a part of the group. I am curious what will happen to the Round Rock Express, the Astros AAA team that Ryan owns part of

BP Interview with Andrew Cashner


(h/t nsbb) Someone posted it over there, and it's a pretty solid read. Just something to ponder about the arm that arguably has the highest ceiling in the entire system.

MLB At Bat coming to Android and Blackberry


Good news for those of you that have these phones. Let's just hope the keep the price low like the did last year ($10) and it was worth every penny. Audio for every game, both the away and home announcers. In game highlights. Option to watch any game for $1 per game.

Dodgers To Play Two Spring Games In Taiwan


They'll play March 13-14 vs. a team from the professional league there.

So Taguchi Returns To Japan


To play for his original team. I especially like this line: Which of the six games of the So Taguchi Era in Chicago was your favorite?

A's Prospect turns to Priesthood


Name the Failed Cubs Prospect you wish had taken this route. I'll start. How about Luis Montanez from the 2000 draft?