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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 17

Quite a bit of activity around the ballpark on Tuesday.

BCB’s Danny Rockett went by Wrigley Field Tuesday to take some photos.

One of the things you’ll particularly notice in this gallery is the scaffolding (noted in the comments to the previous construction update) around the support that will eventually hold a video board on the south face of the plaza building (photo 14). This could mean that the board will be installed soon.

At the Cubs Convention it was mentioned that the plaza will be open this year, though it was notable that there wasn’t a specific promise that it will be available on Opening Night, which is now just 81 days away. If the plaza isn’t ready right when the season begins, I would imagine it won’t take too long after that. The Cubs, whose construction season was shortened for the best possible reason (winning the World Series!), have been fortunate that this winter has been relatively mild, so the workers haven’t had to take many days off.

The Hotel Zachary project across from Clark Street is also proceeding at a pretty quick pace, with concrete and steel already going up just a few months after groundbreaking.

We hope to have more photos of the project over the weekend.