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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 11-14

An overview of the work over the last few days.

BCB’s Mike Bojanowski spent some time at and around Wrigley Field over the last few days and sent me the photos above, along with this report:

These photos were taken over a four-day span from February 11-14. Again, there were few visible differences from the street. Some shrouding has come down, new coverings have gone up. Clark Street between Addison and Waveland has undergone occasional closure or one-lane traffic recently. Some of this was related to the Hotel Zachary project, but some was also due to the recurbing of the east side of Clark. The canvas player pictures that lined the barriers on that side of the street have now been taken down.

Photos 1-5 were taken February 11; 6-10 February 12; the rest February 14. There was a season-ticket holder only photo-op with the Commissioner's Trophy at Metro last Tuesday (photo 28).

The Cubs are probably the happiest people in the city of Chicago about this winter’s weather, which has been remarkably snowless (the city’s about to set a record for the longest stretch of days without a one-inch snowfall) and with mild temperatures that are likely headed to record levels in the 60s this weekend. This has allowed workers to get a lot done during the shortened construction season.

The home opener against the Dodgers April 10 is now just 53 days away, about seven and a half weeks. I have no doubt that the ballpark will be ready to open with everything complete, except for the plaza and the concession areas noted at the convention.