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Wrigley Field Construction Update: Aerial Edition

Here are some great looks at the ballpark and surrounding area from above.

Thanks to Curtis Waltz, who runs the @WrigleyAerials Twitter account, for these 32 aerial shots of Wrigley Field that were taken last Wednesday, February 22.

Of particular interest are: the area where the new Cubs bullpen is going in (photo 5), the visitors bullpen area (photo 6), the seating area behind home plate where the excavation was made for the 1914 Club (photo 8), the right field and left field lines where the bullpens used to be and where new seating is now located (photos 12, 13, 16 and 17), and several good views of the plaza (photos 18, 21, 30 and 31). There are also a view of the nearly-complete plaza building (photo 23), as well as the Addison Park project on the south side of Addison opposite the ballpark (photo 20).

Given continuing good weather and the fact that they’ve still got six weeks to go before Opening Night against the Dodgers April 10, I don’t see any reason why the ballpark won’t be ready to go on that date. The only exception should be the interior concession areas mentioned at the convention, which might take a few weeks longer.

If you like these photos please check out Curt’s site, which has quite a number of beautiful aerial photos of Chicago as well as other areas around the Midwest.