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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 4

Slow but steady progress is being made.

BCB’s Mike Bojanowski visited Wrigley Field over the weekend and filed this report:

These photos were taken Saturday afternoon, February 4. I hadn't been to Wrigley for two weeks, but there was little change to the aspects of the park visible from the street. The plaza building now shows signs of interior work. A large crane has been at work within the confines of the playing field for most of the last two weeks, currently it is positioned along the right field line. It's only barely visible from the street.

Work on the two major hotels continues, Hotel Zachary in particular is showing vertical progress.

One thing to note in particular is photo 6, which shows a “peek” into one of the vehicle doors on the north side of the plaza building. It’s clearly a loading dock and not a parking entrance.

The Cubs will open at Wrigley Field against the Dodgers nine weeks from today, April 10. They still have work to do inside, as you can see from this view:

With generally mild weather and almost no snow this winter, they’ve been able to work at a pretty good pace even with work not beginning until November (for the best reason, of course).