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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 11

Some photos from a beautiful, but cold, Saturday.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — BCB’s David Sameshima had time to return to Wrigley Field on Saturday, when temperatures barely met the 30-degree mark, but there was brilliant sunshine. (So let’s see — Chicago had March in January and May in February, now it’s January in March. Let’s hope April is baseball weather.)

The project is proceeding at a good pace, as is apparent from these photos. The plaza building looks nearly ready to inhabit, and the area around the main entrance, while still undergoing work, seems about ready to be cleaned up for entry.

The yardarm of the flagpole above the center-field scoreboard, apparently ripped away by high winds a week or so ago, has not yet been replaced.

The Cubs can surely save those “World Series Programs” covers for the vending stands. Hopefully, they’ll be needed again this October. (The year and logo, of course, will need to be updated.)

Four weeks from tomorrow, April 10, the Cubs and Dodgers will open the 2017 home season at Wrigley Field. We’ll have more photos later in the week.