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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 18

Construction progress is continuing in the area around Wrigley.

BCB’s David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field and the surrounding area Saturday (with one photo from Friday, photo 1) and filed this report:

I did have time to walk around Wrigley Field, late on Saturday afternoon, just after 3:00 p.m. It was surprisingly quiet. There did not appear to be any major work being done at Wrigley Field. All I saw were workers leaving. All the construction gates were closed.

They have been doing pavement work at the corners of Clark and Addison, and Clark and Waveland. As a result, the barricades have been moved out into the street at both corners. This did impede traffic at both intersections. This also made it more difficult for pedestrians to cross the street. The good news is this does indicate that they are now preparing the exterior of the ballpark for Opening Day.

There is one thing we’ve been discussing that I wanted to mention again. Check out photo 26, with the yardarm that had been carrying the “W” flag since the day after the World Series still missing. That flag blew off in a windstorm sometime around the first of this month. If there had been workers available to fix this yardarm, it likely would have been fixed by now and (perhaps) a new “W” flag put there. Since that hasn’t happened, it’s my opinion that the “W” flag flying all winter (until the windstorm) was the same flag. What happened to the flag after the yardarm broke is still unknown.

We are 22 days away from baseball at Wrigley Field, April 10 when the Cubs face the Dodgers. I have no doubt the park will be ready to go.