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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 27

There’s a change in Wrigley signage.

Jeff Heimert

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — One of the members of my left-field bleacher group, Jeff Heimert, went to the Cubs offices Monday morning to pick up his season tickets.

On his way he happened to spot workers dismantling the NUVEEN sign that’s been in the left-field bleachers since early in 2016.

Here’s another photo of what was going on outside the left-field bleachers Monday morning:

Jeff Heimert

“V” for victory, I suppose. (Would have been better to see a “W”, right?)

Anyway, this likely simply means the Cubs will have a new sponsor for that sign for 2017.

I’ve reached out to the Cubs for further information on this — what the new sponsor might be and whether the new sign will be up by Opening Night — and I’ll post further information here if/when I get it. But I thought you’d like to see these photos today.

UPDATE! Via Julian Green of the Cubs, I have learned that there will be no new sponsor and the Nuveen sign will return before Opening Night.

We should have another construction update here next weekend.

UPDATE! Via Adam Davis who sent these photos, the Starbucks sign is now up on the plaza building:

Adam Davis
Adam Davis
Adam Davis