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Wrigley Field Construction Update: Aerial Edition

More views of the project from above.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — One month from tomorrow, April 10, the Cubs will take the field at Wrigley Field against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

There’s an awful lot of stuff on that field right now that would get in the way of playing baseball, but the construction crews are working hard (and quickly, due to the generally nice weather) to finish this winter’s work before that date arrives.

In this photoset, courtesy of Curtis Waltz, you can see much of the work up close. Of particular interest here are the new walls with new seating down the left-field and right-field lines where the bullpens used to reside, the locations (covered by plastic sheeting) where the new bullpens are being installed, the seating area being replaced behind home plate, and the plaza, which is now coming into shape instead of having that area covered with construction equipment. There are also photos here of the Hotel Zachary project (already almost two floors’ worth of concrete and steel complete) and the Addison Park project on the south side of Addison opposite the ballpark.

All these photos were taken last Friday, March 3.

As always, you can find aerial photos of the Wrigley construction project at the @WrigleyAerials Twitter account, and please check out Curtis Waltz’ other aerial photography at