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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 1

On a sunny Saturday, things looked nearly ready to go at the ballpark.

For those of you concerned that the Wrigley Field offseason construction wouldn’t be finished in time to start the season, I present this photoset to you, taken by BCB’s David Sameshima on Saturday.

That’s a full nine days before the Cubs and Dodgers will meet for the home opener April 10, and it certainly looks like they’ll be ready. To be sure, there’s still quite a bit of work to be done on the plaza, but it’s at least taking the shape of what it will look like for Opening Night.

Someone asked about a Cubs logo on the plaza building. You can see they’ve added that.

The Hotel Zachary is coming along very quickly, though it’s still a year or so away from opening. I’d say the outer shell of the building should be finished sometime this summer.

Most of the story is told through the photo captions, so I encourage you to read those (if you haven’t already). The city of Chicago has also completed installing new light poles on Clark Street and also done some resurfacing on Waveland adjacent to the plaza building.

One week from today -- baseball at Wrigley Field!

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