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MLB, the Cubs, and COVID-19

The state of baseball one year into the pandemic

COVID-19 has changed all of us, and baseball, in ways we cannot fully comprehend just yet

Here’s another clue that MLB Spring Training might not start on time

You have to read the tea leaves whenever you find them.

MLB really ought to delay the start of the 2021 season

... because the pandemic is going to get worse before it gets better.

MLB is suing its insurance providers over COVID-19 losses

This probably isn’t going to work.

Pandemic Baseball Chronicles: Cubs Social Media Night

The Annual #CubsSocial event moved to Zoom, but it was still a blast

Pandemic Baseball Chronicles: And then COVID came for the Reds

Another team in the NL Central is dealing with a potential outbreak.

Here’s the official info on the Cubs/Cardinals makeup doubleheaders next week

The teams will play five games in three days at Wrigley Field next week, and make up another one in September.

Here’s why you shouldn’t freak out because the Cubs will play 2 doubleheaders vs. the Cardinals next week

Seriously, David Ross and the team will handle things. And you should, too.

MLB is definitely considering a bubble for the 2020 postseason

It would be a great way of ensuring this season is completed.

Pandemic Baseball Chronicles: The Indians should be quarantined

Even though that will hurt the Cubs

An update on Cubs happenings during their unscheduled hiatus

And a few other notes from MLB’s weekend.

The Cardinals are the Cubs’ rivals. They’re also human beings. Stop believing unsubstantiated rumors

We’re in a pandemic. Being kind to others is very important, now and always.

Cubs, Cardinals weekend series postponed

The Cubs will resume play Tuesday in Cleveland.

Cubs, Cardinals Friday game postponed due to another positive COVID-19 test

The plot thickens.

MLB, MLBPA agree on stricter protocols; Cubs, Cardinals on for this weekend

Baseball’s trying to do whatever it takes to have the season continue.

The Cubs/Cardinals series this weekend is in jeopardy, and other MLB COVID-19 news

The season still hangs on by a thread. But for how much longer?

Cardinals/Tigers series postponed, Cubs are St. Louis’ next scheduled opponent

Could positive COVID-19 tests affect the Cubs this weekend?

More on the Cardinals’ positive COVID-19 tests, and MLB is updating its protocols

The state of baseball, August 2020.

There are more positive COVID tests for the Cardinals. This could affect the Cubs next weekend

The pandemic is likely going to claim more ballgames.

The Cardinals have more positive COVID tests, and their game vs. Brewers tonight has been postponed

None of this is good news, and MLB is at risk of a shutdown.

MLB could be at risk of shutdown by Monday, says Rob Manfred

Six teams won’t play Friday, and four of them won’t play this weekend.

Pandemic Baseball Chronicles: Phillies shut down after positive tests, Joe Kelly goes headhunting and Nick Markakis opts back in

It’s been a wild week for MLB

The Marlins should lose draft picks and international spending room

MLB’s commissioner is not good at punishment.

Can baseball stay safe from COVID-19 and continue its season?

This is a legitimate question and unfortunately, no one knows the answer.

MLB needs to consider shutting the season down

Much has changed since last week.

Pandemic Baseball Chronicles: COVID-19 game postponements, and an Opening Weekend review

Hand sanitizer, virtual fans and MLB’s first major team outbreak has caused games to be postponed.

Pandemic Baseball Chronicles: It’s an Opening Day unlike any other

Scenes from around the league as baseball returned on Thursday

Sara’s Diary, Day 130 without baseball: Three days to go

And some fun projects in the offing

Sara’s Diary, Day 129 without baseball: Pandemic baseball and grief

Some thoughts on the conflicting emotions I felt during the Cubs exhibition game against the White Sox

Sara’s Diary, Day 127 without baseball: Blue Jays denied permission to play in Canada

MLB’s only non US based team is going to need an alternate plan

With one week to go before the Cubs begin the 2020 season, what’s your enthusiasm level?

Can the Cubs and MLB make it through this year?

Sara’s Diary, Day 124 without baseball: Practice games

We got a glimpse of what baseball will look like on Marquee Network this week


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