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MLB essays

MLB is considering tweaks to some of its new rules

The pitch timer is among them, though nothing is certain at this point.

A followup on the MLB Ballpark app’s issues with Ticketmaster

It’s been resolved, but it took a while. And the problem was undoubtedly on Ticketmaster’s fault.

No, the World Baseball Classic shouldn’t be cancelled because of Edwin Diaz’s injury

Injuries can — and do — happen just about anywhere in baseball.

MLB and Ticketmaster have a major problem with the Ballpark app

It’s something they need to fix before Opening Day.

MLB is about to stream some games to fans due to Diamond Sports’ bankruptcy

The RSN model is even closer to complete collapse.

MLB’s pitch clock has shortened Cubs spring games by about half an hour

The clock’s doing its job and I couldn’t be happier.

More on RSNs departing baseball and the sport’s financial state

We are heading into uncharted waters.

Reflections on the cusp of Cubs Spring Training games

We are just four days away from baseball at Sloan Park.

MLB owners claim they’re in financial trouble again

There are a lot of moving parts here, but I’m skeptical.

What MLB rule changes would you make?

Baseball’s into rule changes these days, so weigh in with what you would do if you were in charge.

Get ready for increased balk enforcement in MLB in 2023

Leaning into one of the least understood rules in baseball is not a good plan

MLB should bring back seven-inning games in doubleheaders

They’re trying to speed everything else up. Why not this?

Major League Baseball should institute a mercy rule to shorten games

The pitch clock and the extra-inning runner are in part designed to do this. So why not go further.

MLB’s placed runner rule in extra innings is now permanent

This is, in my view, a sad day for the sport.

Even more thoughts about MLB expansion and realignment

Would you really want the Cubs and White Sox in the same division?

It’s February. Baseball will be played this month

What are some of the things coming up for Cubs and other baseball fans?

A modest proposal to fix Hall of Fame voting

This would make enshrining players in Cooperstown more inclusive.

Who will be elected to the Hall of Fame in 2024?

Here’s a very early look at next year’s likely ballot.

A few more thoughts about MLB expansion, realignment and scheduling

It’s gonna happen — but not for a while yet.

What effects will the new balanced MLB schedule have on play this year?

In some cases, not much. In others, though...

Robot umpires and a ball/strike challenge system are coming to Triple-A in 2023

We’re getting closer to having these things in MLB.

Is there such a thing as a ‘franchise player’ in Major League Baseball?

Can one player move the needle enough for a baseball team to win a World Series?

We might not get that automated strike zone after all

... but the alternative is probably going to work out fine.

MLB used multiple different baseballs again in 2022, and you’ll never guess where they wound up

The continued shenanigans with the baseball are bad for the game

Willson Contreras is a St. Louis Cardinal

That’s not going to play well with most Cubs fans.

A visit to the Arizona Fall League

A report from the Mesa vs. Salt River game Tuesday.

The sacrifice bunt and intentional walk are vanishing from baseball

And this is a good thing.

Ball-and-strike challenges could be coming to MLB in 2023

There’s more testing going on in the Arizona Fall League.

Rob Manfred says fans like the placed runner in extra innings and it’s probably staying

NARRATOR: "He’s wrong about the fans."

A Cubs fan’s guide to the World Series

All in for Red October

A Cubs fan’s guide to the American League Championship Series

The battle of the evil empires

A Cubs fan’s guide to the National League Championship Series

I’m not sure I can choose who I want to win this series


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