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MLB essays

MLB made a labor agreement proposal to players. It didn’t go well

It won’t be long before part of the 2022 season is in jeopardy.

MLB players and owners will meet Thursday. What does this mean for the 2022 season starting on time?

NARRATOR: "Everything... and nothing."

MLB’s non-renewal of Ken Rosenthal’s contract and its possible impact on labor negotiations

The league seems unprepared for the current media environment.

Some January thoughts about MLB’s lockout

There’s no news. And in this case, no news is probably not good news.

Here’s what the MLB schedule might look like after expansion

With expanded playoffs, winning your division will be more important, so here’s a very division-centric schedule proposal.

Where are the best possible locations for MLB expansion?

It’s a slow offseason during the lockout, so let’s take another look.

What would an over-the-top MLB streaming service look like?

It might be the way the league will go in the future.

A new lawsuit is challenging MLB’s antitrust exemption

It’s about time this exemption was relegated to the dustbin of history.

MLB’s lockout is going to last until at least January

... in case you were looking for a quick resolution.

Did MLB really have to scrub its website of current player photos?

The answer is... "Probably not."

A tale of two baseballs and why it bodes poorly for the ongoing CBA negotiations

There isn’t a lot of trust between the players and the owners

Carlos Correa, the Cubs, and the MLB lockout

You might not think the items in the headline are related... but they could be.

Even more thoughts on the ongoing MLB lockout

♬♪♫ "A long December and there’s reason to believe ... maybe this year will be better than the last..." ♬♪♫

There’s something missing from this rendering of a possible Las Vegas stadium for the A’s

What could it be? Think for a moment.

More thoughts on the MLB lockout that didn’t have to happen

Make no mistake: This will be Rob Manfred’s legacy.

A few thoughts about MLB’s lockout, the first baseball shutdown in 27 years

If you think this is going to end quickly, just wait till you see some of the pettiness already in evidence on MLB’s part.

‘Twas the night before MLB lockout

It’s apparently unavoidable now, but here’s something you will hopefully chuckle at.

A look back at MLB’s 8 previous labor stoppages

... because it looks like we’re headed for another one.

Javier Báez is about to sign with the Tigers, and thoughts about expanded playoffs

The former Cub is apparently heading for the Motor City.

Some thoughts about a crazy MLB Sunday of free agent signings

Hint: It’s lockout related.

MLB is likely expanding the postseason in 2022. This isn’t necessarily a good idea.

It’s one of the things that will be part of the CBA negotiations.

There’s going to be a flurry of new MLB free agents just before a possible lockout

And, we have info on what the players are focusing on for CBA negotiations.

Alex Rodriguez headlines 13 new names on the 2022 Hall of Fame ballot

And Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens return for their final chance on the writers’ ballot.

Caleb Kilian throws six perfect innings in the AFL championship game

The Cubs prospect’s table might be ready.

We have seen a proposal like the owners’ pay for Fangraphs WAR before

You will not be surprised to learn who was behind it.

MLB executives weigh in on the pitch clock

Most of them think it’s a really good idea.

We are one month from a possible MLB lockout

This, obviously, is not good.

The Tampa Bay Rays ‘sister city’ plan is really about leverage

This should not surprise you. And, there’s a bit of news about the Oakland A’s stadium situation.

Rob Manfred and Tony Clark express optimism about a MLB labor agreement

As always, we await developments.

A Cubs fan’s guide to the World Series

The best-of-seven series begins in Houston tonight

Does Dusty Baker’s AL pennant put him over the top for the Hall of Fame?

Wait, hear me out.

Bring on the robot umpires, because a bad call might have cost the Red Sox an ALCS game

Laz Diaz did not have a good game Tuesday in Boston.


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