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MLB essays

A comparison between baseballs used in MLB and NPB

Japanese pitchers sometimes need adjustment time when they come to MLB. The size of the baseball could have something to do with it.

An update on the A’s and White Sox stadium situations

You won’t believe some of this. (Yeah, actually, you probably will.)

More on the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad MLB/Nike/Fanatics uniforms

The fallout from players checking out the 2024 uniforms continues.

An update on MLB no-hitter streaks

Who’s got the longest active streak of not being no-hit?

A few thoughts about how MLB free agent rumors are reported

They aren’t always what they appear to be.

A few more thoughts about the proposed Oakland A’s move to Las Vegas

Did you expect this to be smooth? It’s not.

A few more thoughts about the Cubs’ offseason inactivity thus far

There’s still lots of time. And, I’ve got some thoughts from Josh to add to mine.

Yoshinobu Yamamoto is a Dodger. What’s next for the Cubs?

Will the free agent logjam break now?

Nike is changing MLB uniforms for 2024

Can’t say I like some of these modifications.

Bally Sports Networks will carry 11 MLB teams’ games in 2024. After that? Possibly, Amazon.

The league and the beleaguered RSN carrier have come to a deal. And there’s word about a potential new investor.

The latest on changes in MLB’s RSN ecosystem

The Pirates have taken part-ownership of a new Pittsburgh channel.

MLB announces ‘Spring Breakout’ showcase

MLB has introduced an event to showcase the next generation of baseball talent.

A few thoughts about the Shohei Ohtani contract

In the end, this is likely not good for baseball.

A few more thoughts about the Shohei Ohtani frenzy, and baseball journalism in general

There are lessons to be learned from what happened last week.

The dumb, ridiculous, silly Shohei Ohtani Friday free agent frenzy

The Japanese star still hasn’t signed, and several national writers looked really bad chasing a story.

A trip to the Fall Stars Game

Not much was done by Cubs prospects, but there were a lot of home runs.

Here’s why World Series TV ratings don’t matter

Baseball isn’t dying, you guys.

Fox isn’t showing the pitch clock during the World Series. Fix it, Fox!

It’s been great for baseball. Why won’t Fox show it?

A Cubs fan’s guide to the World Series

Arizona vs. Texas — just like we all drew it up, right?

Dusty Baker is retiring as a manager

... and I have thoughts.

Tuesday night’s game was the Phillies’ first-ever Game 7

How does that compare to the Cubs and other teams?

Cubs ownership and management is pretty good — consider these 6 other cautionary tales

You can criticize Cubs leadership at times... but it could be a whole lot worse.

A Cubs fan’s guide to the League Championship Series

There are some new faces and old faces in these games

The 2023 postseason hasn’t produced many compelling games... so far

There have been a lot of blowouts... but the games are faster than previous years.

No, the Division Series structure doesn’t have to be changed

Just because the higher seeds lost a game? Sorry, nope.

A Cubs fan’s guide to the Division Series

Who are you cheering for as playoff baseball continues?

A brief preview of MLB’s division series

Playoff baseball resumes on Saturday!

A Cubs fan’s guide to the Wild Card round of the playoffs

There are lots of former fan favorites in the opening round of the playoffs

MLB’s new rules made for improvements in game times and stolen bases in 2023

It was a much more watchable and enjoyable product on the field this year.

SB Nation Reacts: Fans weigh in on MLB’s 2023 rule changes

And the results are mostly positive... except for one.

Meanwhile, there’s a crazy American League postseason race, too

It’s not just the Cubs coming down to the wire for a playoff spot.

A visit to Truist Park in Atlanta

It’s nice enough, but kind of generic.


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