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MLB news

Outside The Confines: Talk is cheap

The owners at least made a proposal, but it was not well-received by the players. More on the first woman minor-league manager. Seiya Suzuki is coming to America.

Outside The Confines: Apple to take a bite out of MLB broadcasts?

Does this mean I need another subscription service?

Outside The Confines: Breaking through the glass

The Yankees name their first female manager in affiliated baseball history. A woman tosses a scoreless inning down under. Everyone thinks they have a solution to the lockout.

Outside The Confines: The Athletic has new ownership

Or should that be "New York Times: Why we’re joining The Athletic"?

Outside The Confines: Don’t ash me why

An update on the lockout, or the lack thereof. A shakeup in the trading card business is good news for collectors. The ash bat is going extinct. News from around the league.

Outside The Confines: Enter 2022

New year, same lockout.

Outside The Confines: Ring out the old

The most handsome managers list is announced. Kyle Seager retired. How Tyler Matzek overcame the yips. An update on the lockout.

Outside The Confines: Lockout day 24563637

Okay, maybe not that bad, but it’s starting to feel like it.

Outside The Confines: Silent Night

A wrap-up of all the baseball news over the Christmas weekend.

Outside The Confines: ‘Twas the night before Christmas

Hopefully Santa can inspire some lockout discussions for the new year.

Outside The Confines: Getting bang for your Buck

The Mets announce their new manager. The A’s promote from within. An update on the lockout and the issues involved. A great story on a trailblazing coach.

An important step was taken to keep the Athletics in Oakland

An environmental impact report was issued by the city of Oakland last week.

Outside The Confines: The Mets get Buck wild

One managerial search has come to an end.

Outside The Confines: Not a creature was stirring . . .

What will happen when the lockout ends? What are teams doing right now? What did teams do 15 years ago? And other stories from MLB.

Outside The Confines: Yasiel Puig settlements went under the radar

The settlements reveal an unpleasant loophole in MLB investigating policies.

Outside The Confines: Silent Night

Some minor league signings to keep us occupied. One writer has a proposal to end tanking. The lockout continues. Will the Yankees do anything when it ends?

Outside The Confines: Dog day Dodger-style

Here’s a fun little story to kick off your weekend.

Outside The Confines: Looking for good news in a lockout

The lockout continues and MLB’s behavior is baffling. Tim Kurkjian is honored by Cooperstown. Should there be a dead period in baseball every year? Plus other baseball news, such as it is.

Outside The Confines: Legends make their way to the Hall

The long-awaited induction of several Negro Leagues legends is a high point of the offseason.

Outside The Confines: Closed indefinitely

Baseball is locked out. What does that mean? There was a wild frenzy of activity before the lockout, and some would like to see that recreated in other seasons. Ichiro wows some high school kids.

Outside The Confines: A flurry of free agent activity

As the lockout looms, teams have made aggressive moves on the free agent market.

Outside The Confines: Flaming Hot Stove

The Hot Stove went supernova as teams rush to get players signed before an expected lockout. Marcus Semien, Kevin Gausman and Starling Marte are among those signing. A look at that lockout as well.

Outside The Confines: A Wanderful Thanksgiving week

All eyes are still on the Wander Franco/Rays extension

Outside The Confines: Not a turkey

Wander Franco is going to be a Ray for a long time. Steven Matz picks a team. The MLBPA gears up for a lockout.

Outside The Confines: The calm before the free agent storm?

A quiet weekend following an awards-heavy week

MLB announces plan to provide housing for minor league players

The sport finally caved to public pressure and reality and agreed to provide housing for most minor league ballplayers.

Outside the Confines: Unanimous MVP

Storm clouds on the labor front gather. The MVP and Cy Young Awards were announced. The free agent pitching market is moving fast.

Outside The Confines: Even more awards!

This week the Manager of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards were handed out.

Outside The Confines: The market is now open

With the CBA talks looming, teams are starting to talk with free agents. A look at past Rookies of the Year. And Adam Wainwright throws a perfect strike to a clown.

Outside The Confines: Award season is underway

On Thursday we learned the winners of the 2021 Silver Slugger awards.

Outside The Confines: Nothing “Free” about it

Free agency is underway and everyone wants to know what is going to happen. The Mets search for a new GM continues.

Outside The Confines: Let hot stove season begin

Come gather ‘round as we warm ourselves on free agency rumors.


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