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MLB news

Outside The Confines: Clothes make the man

The Red Sox face off with the Yankees wearing yellow in a crucial series. A look at the playoff hunt in both leagues. Lots more baseball news as well.

Outside The Confines: Card captors

Rays outfielder sparks Jays outrage when he sees their pitching plan

Outside The Confines: Fighting with the Friars

The Padres are sinking and they’re staring to get testy. Could a pitch clock solve most of baseball’s problems? A look at the Wild Card race.

Outside The Confines: Craft beer and bad hats

Baseball classics to kickstart your weekend

Outside the Confines: Carrying on the legacy of a legend

MLB takes time to honor the legacy of Roberto Clemente. Baseball has become an international game. Ryan Braun retires.

Outside The Confines: To the Max!

Scherzer has one of his best days ever against the Padres.

Outside the Confines: Blue Jays fly in the Bronx

The Blue Jays are red-hot and are closing in on the Yankees for the Wild Card. The Yankees are struggling. A look at Max Scherzer.

Outside The Confines: Here come the Hall of Famers

After being put on pause in 2020, the newest class of MLB’s Hall of Famers is heading to Cooperstown.

Outside The Confines: Wake me up when September ends

The Rays are still winning, but with a different formula in 2021. Injuries and COVID are hurting playoff chances. A Yankees broadcaster comes through with a big save.

Outside The Confines: Mets woes continue

It hasn’t been a great week for the New York ballclub.

Outside The Confines: Diamonds in the dirt

The Mets apologize and then go out and win in dramatic fashion. A look at some legal issues swirling around MLB. COVID continues to rage. The Giants are doing it unusually.

Outside The Confines: “I was saying boo-urns.”

Javy’s message to fans is the hottest story of the weekend.

Outside The Confines: They might be Giants

Moving back the mound in the Atlantic League is not going over well and is not having the impact hoped for. The Giants just keep winning. There have been a lot of winning and losing streaks. The comeback from an almost tragic comeback line drive.

Outside The Confines: More Miggy Magic

Cabrera’s 500th homer continues to lead the news cycle.

Outside The Confines: The Detroit 500

Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera hits his 500th home run. The Orioles are on an historic losing streak and the Yankees are red-hot. The Nola brothers face off for the first time in MLB.

Outside The Confines: Farewell to Bill Freehan

The Detroit Tigers great passed away on Thursday.

Outside The Confines: Never lost consciousness

A scary incident as an All-Star pitcher got hit with a line drive. A look at the playoff and MVP races.

Outside The Confines: Tyler Gilbert had the best weekend ever

Now that’s a debut start.

Outside The Confines: No, it’s Iowa

The Field of Dreams Game got great review and a great ending.

Outside The Confines: The Yankees’ COVID woes continue

A familiar face was the most recent player impacted.

Outside The Confines: Striking gold in Japan

Japan wins their first gold medal in baseball. A look ahead to the "Field of Dreams" game. Could Fernando Tatis Jr. be heading to the outfield?

Outside The Confines: Start planning your road trips!

It’s schedule season, friends!

Outside the Confines: Assessing the damages

The trade deadline left a mess in its wake and we’re still sorting it out. Team USA is down but not out in Olympic baseball. Also, poisonous cats.

Outside The Confines: How are we feeling, friends?

The post-deadline dust has settled.

Outside the Confines: A wild trade deadline

It’s one of the wildest trade deadlines in history and the Dodgers made the biggest blockbuster yet. That and more deals.

Outside The Confines: Trade deadline madness

The moves haven’t been crazy, but the deadline is coming.

Outside The Confines: Everything is for sale

Things are starting to heat up as the trade deadline approaches. The team in Cleveland has a new name. The Olympics are going on and softball and baseball are back in the Games.

Outside The Confines: More dumb hats!

There’s something in the water over at New Era.

Outside The Confines: There’s no “there” there

There’s a development in the quest for a new stadium in Oakland, but is it enough to get it done? Also lots on the trade deadline.

Outside The Confines: A scary night for the Nationals

On Saturday evening, the Nationals/Padres game ended in gunfire

Outside the Confines: The pandemic strikes back

Yesterday’s Red Sox/Yankees game was postponed when six Yankees tested positive for COVID-19. A look back at the All-Star Game and a look ahead to the second-half.

Outside The Confines: That All-Star feeling

This has been a fun week.


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