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MLB news

Outside The Confines: Happy 4th of July!

A weekend bookended by national holidays can be a little light on the news.

Outside The Confines: Baseball is for the Birds

Rob Manfred speaks. The Freddie Freeman soap opera continues. The Orioles are better. The A’s get closer to a new stadium. And other news from around the league.

Outside The Confines: Brawlout fallout

Get in a baseball brawl and get suspended... or worse

Outside The Confines: Can’t beat fun at the ol’ ballpark

The Mariners and Angels went at it. The Yankees got no-hit for quite a while but came back to win one in the end. The Twins pitching coach quits for a college job. And phun with Phillies relievers.

Outside The Confines: Could the All-Star votes be improved?

If baseball can change rules, why can’t it change the ASG?

Outside The Confines: Party like it’s 1998

The Yankees are really good. Oneil Cruz is making an impression. And other news from around MLB.

Outside The Confines: Injury season continues

Mookie Betts, Mannny Machado, and Anthony Rendon are among a slew of recently injured players.

Outside The Confines: The Stars of the North

Twins and Tigers and Mets. Oh My! And other news from around the league.

Outside The Confines: It’s All-Star voting season

Too bad there’s not a vote to determine which manager will be fired next.

Outside the Confines: Can’t anyone here manage this game?

White Sox manager Tony La Russa is on the hot seat after a disappointing season and a questionable intentional walk. Highlights from the Super Regionals and other news from around baseball.

Outside The Confines: Nickelback can’t save the Angels

A quirky walk-up gimmick wasn’t enough to help the club this week.

Outside the Confines: Losing his halo

The Angels fired Joe Maddon. The Phillies are looking better after firing Joe Girardi. Is MLB messing with baseballs again? And other baseball news.

Outside The Confines: Manic Monday

Wish it was Sunday.

Outside The Confines: Gonna be amazin’

The Mets have dashed out to a huge lead in the NL East. The Phillies struggles continue. The fantasy football "scandal" fallout continues. And other news around the league.

Outside The Confines: Derek Jeter hits Twitter

And you’ll see the catch of the year!

Outside The Confines: Where do you think you are, the Oscars?

The dumbest story of the year ends up with one Reds outfielder getting suspended for three games. The Angels are back to square one in their quest for a new stadium. And other news from around the league.

Outside The Confines: To name or not to name

This might just annoy me.

Outside The Confines: Here comes the Judge

A look at news from around baseball. Aaron Judge is good. So is Manny Machado. What happens to those crypto sponsorships when the bottom falls out?

Outside The Confines: Farewell to one of the greats

They simply don’t make writers like Roger Angell anymore.

Outside The Confines: No need to panic

The Mets have now lost both Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom for a while. A look ahead to the trade deadline and some of the best rookies. And other news from around baseball.

Outside The Confines: Baseball goes barnstorming

Dance numbers, bizarre rules, and an enormous social media following.

Outside The Confines: No no? Oh no!

The Reds allow no hits and lose. The Angels are winning, but can they keep it up all year? A look at PitchCom one month in and other news from MLB.

Outside The Confines: Cycle-ist

Christian Yelich makes some modern baseball history.

Outside The Confines: A rookie does a no-no

The Angels got a surprising no-hitter. The Red Sox are struggling. The Reds are just plain awful. And there’s an error in the Mets’ Tom Seaver statue.

Outside The Confines: Rainouts, losing streaks, and Mother’s Day

It was a busy weekend.

Outside The Confines: What’s up with the balls?

Baseballs are just not traveling this year as MLB seems to have overcorrected the "lively" ball of recent years. The Mets staged a historic comeback. Reds are truly terrible. And other news around the league.

Outside The Confines: A little Wednesday link break

Take an extended coffee break and read some good baseball stories.

Outside The Confines: The hammer comes down

Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer was suspended for two seasons. Clayton Kershaw sets a record. The Mets throw a no-hitter. Kelsie Whitmore takes the field in the Atlantic League.

Outside The Confines: We made it to Friday!

I need a nap.

Outside The Confines: A “Dear Brian” letter reveal

As it turns out that Yankees letter isn’t all that revealing.

Outside The Confines: The 3,000-hit man

A huge milestone was the big news of the weekend.

Outside The Confines: Hanging with old friends

Miguel Cabrera sits at 2999 hits. Freddie Freeman had an emotional reunion. No one is going to A’s games and other news from around the league.


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