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MLB news

Outside The Confines: Now what?

With the excitement over the Ohtani decision over, are winter doldrums setting in?

Outside The Confines: 700 million

Shohei Ohtani has picked his team and it where we expected for more than we expected. Fallout from that decision throughout the league. And a few other bits of MLB news.

Outside The Confines: Juan Soto is Bronx-bound

The former Padres’ slugger is singing "New York, New York" in blockbuster trade.

Outside The Confines: (Almost) No one is talking

The Winter Meetings are underway and not much is happening. And other news from around MLB.

Outside The Confines: Former Tigers manager Jim Leyland is a Hall of Famer

The World Series-winning manager is headed to Cooperstown.

Outside The Confines: Man’s best friend

A look at all the news from baseball—the Hot Stove and beyond.

Outside The Confines: Winter Meetings are coming...

The hot stove is about to get feverish.

Outside The Confines: For the love of the game

A look at the news around baseball, including Ichiro Suzuki keeping his love for playing baseball alive in retirement.

Outside The Confines: A thankful links roundup

If you’re not still in a food coma, enjoy some festive links.

Outside The Confines: The future is foretold by the Cards

The Cardinals make two free agent signings. Yoshinobu Yamamoto has been posted. The Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes are mysterious. And other news from MLB.

Outside The Confines: Most Valuable news

The MVP and Cy Young were awarded. The Brewers have a new manager. A trade was made. And other news from MLB.

Outside The Confines: Award season is in full swing

Revealing your Managers of the Year

Outside The Confines: Warming up the Hot Stove

The Astros have a new manager. There’s lots of anticipation for the free agent market this winter. And other news from around MLB.

Outside The Confines: The Tigers claim the voice of the White Sox

This might be the best offseason move yet.

Outside The Confines: Managing in the offseason

Three teams have new managers. A look at the free agent market. And other news from around MLB.

Outside The Confines: Hot stove heating

Free agent season has begun.

Outside The Confines: The Rangers win the World Series

The Rangers win their first World Series. The Diamondbacks look ahead to next year. The Hot Stove is heating up. And other news from around MLB.

Outside The Confines: November’s here

Snow is falling some places, so maybe it’s for the best we have an Arizona/Texas World Series.

Outside The Confines: Snakes alive!

The first two games of the World Series have been completed and the signs are pointing to a classic battle in the Fall Classic. And speaking of signs . . . Plus other news from the Word Series and MLB.

Outside The Confines: World Series here we go!

An unexpected and chaotic match-up sets the stage for the Fall Classic.

Outside The Confines: A classic fall

The World Series is set. Adolis García and Ketel Marte were the heroes of the Championship Series. What’s next for the Astros. The Red Sox and GIants have new bosses.

Outside The Confines: Rangers get bruised but Astros feel the sting

Intentionally or not, the hit-by-pitch changed the narrative of game 5.

Outside The Confines: I had that in my back pocket

The Astros tie up the ALCS with the Rangers thanks, in part, to a batting glove. The D-Backs make a series out of it. And other news from MLB and the playoffs.

Outside The Confines: Kim Ng and the Marlins part ways

The Marlins’ GM brought the team to the postseason, and they wanted to bring in someone over her head.

Outside The Confines: Lone Star showdown

The Rangers take a 1-0 lead in the ALCS. The Phillies and Diamondbacks get set to face off. Thoughts on the playoff system. And other news from MLB.

Outside The Confines: Postseason heroics

Trash talk and big dingers.

Outside The Confines: Reversal of fortune

A look at all the news surrounding the MLB playoffs and other baseball news you need to know.

Outside The Confines: Is Clayton Kershaw cursed?

Another disappointing postseason performance makes some wonder if Kershaw is predestined for bad luck.

Outside The Confines: Let the next round begin

The Wild Card Series were all sweeps, so the Division Series are set to go. There a lots of unhappy people in Toronto. The Phillies are weird. And other news from around baseball.

Outside The Confines: The postseason is starting out Wild

Things are underway, and soon we’ll know how the final division series will look.

Outside The Confines: Knuckleballs in heaven

The passing of a Red Sox legend. Players said goodbye. The Mets need a new manager. A look ahead to the playoffs. And other news from MLB.

Outside The Confines: The final weekend

Say good-bye, Regular Season.


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