The Cubs will be looking for a new Wrigley Field PA announcer

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You might remember, not long after the Ricketts family bought the Cubs, then-PA announcer Paul Friedman departed the scene.

The Cubs held an open-audition contest to fill the spot, and Andrew Belleson, then 24 years old, won the position. He’s done a good job over the past decade, and now he’s moving on:

We are just 23 days until Opening Day. Here are the Cubs’ current plans for the spot:

Now, Bill Murray would be hilarious, but would he give all the information fans need? I guess perhaps we’ll find out!

I suspect the Cubs might wind up having another open competition for the PA position; I have no inside knowledge about this, just my speculation. I suppose perhaps they could get Wayne Messmer, who did the job for many years, to fill in from time to time.

In any case, thanks to Andrew Belleson for a decade in this spot (where did that time go?) and I wish him well in his endeavors going forward.


Give it to a qualified candidate

Who isn’t necessarily a white male.

If you want to see changes, you have to be willing to walk the walk.

Talk is cheap.

Talk is cheap

A Siri- or Alexa-like voice would be nearly free. Though if they’re going to use a computer voice, there must be enough Majel Barrett material recorded to create a digital PA announcer with her voice.

No stipulations

Give it to the best applicant. Period!

There are three female PA announcers in MLB.

Renel Brooks-Moon of the Giants, who has been doing it since Oracle Park opened in 2000, Marysol Castro of the Mets, at Citi Field since 2018, and Amelia Schimmel, who was just hired by the Oakland A’s yesterday

The Cubs should certainly consider qualified women.

Castro is also MLB's first Latina PA announcer

You shoulda stopped right there, mick...

Give it to a qualified candidate

Race Should Play No Part

The job should go to the best qualified candidate, no matter that person’s race. That’s the law.

No one has suggested race should play a part.

Stop stirring up trouble.

To be fair......

mickkelleher did say

Who isn’t necessarily a white male.

Sure, but it did not need to be repeated in the way it was.

I give up. I was not stirring up trouble. I was only doing the correct thing by calling out a racist comment and I am the one who is criticized – not the person who made the comment. So the person who makes a bad comment is not called out but the person (me) is called out because it did not need to be repeated?

Yeah, it's like the NFL...

It’s not the instigator on the field getting flagged, it’s the retaliator.

The NFL?

You mean the league with the "Rooney Rule", but when it actually comes to the finalists and selecting a head coach, it’s rare that a Black coach gets chosen in the end?

Yep, that's the one.

The same league where 70% of the players are Black.

Yup. on.

I think you have things backwards.

You did not need to say anything. It had already been said.

Comments that promote Equity are not racist.

Actually, talk can be very cheap.

Now batting for the Chicago Cubs...Mannnnny Moooooota...

I was going to suggest Gene Honda

Since I think he does a great job with the Hawks. I gave him a quick Google before posting only to find out he’s been the PA announcer for the Sox for more than 30 years.

Rather than giving up on that idea, I now think it would be the perfect answer to losing Len Kasper. It could be the beginning of some fraternity style pranks between the two clubs. Might rekindle the rivalry and bring in some more casual fans.

I was coming here to say this...

Can Pat Peiper possibly be resurrected?

I'm all in

On Dennis Haysbert

Or Sam Elliott

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